Hey people, so as I stated in my prior articles on spiritual enlightenment and mind, you’ll never know the facts of your existential character unless you feel spiritually enlightened or experienced some strong awakenings.
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Therefore I strongly suggest you study these two articles first before this one in the event that you have not performed so yet. These two articles provides you with a better understanding of what to find when you apply the methods that I’ll talk about in this article.

Therefore, it does not matter how well I discussed it to you and it doesn’t matter how appropriate your principle on spiritual enlightenment is, it’s perhaps not the facts and never will be.

Would you understand that that is the key reason why you aren’t enlightened in the very first place?

I need to explain this for you in more detail.

You Can not Think Your Way To Enlightenment

I am likely to provide you with a distinct direct technique how to achieve enlightenment, I am going to do this without most of the deep spiritual and religious nonsense.

Also, all the material on enlightenment is packed with spiritual blow which will be needless and is really hurting you since it is just filling your mind up with more theory and information.

You see, the issue with philosophy generally speaking and almost everything you come across on Google on enlightenment is that a lot of the accessible content is just more conceptualization and theory.

Philosophizing about the reality is you taking into consideration the reality and the situation here is that you can’t believe your way to enlightenment! Never ever actually ever ever.

Becoming conscious of one’s existential nature involves anything many different than thinking and the thing is that the only thing we as people are good at is thinking.

You’ve been carefully using thinking since the start and you’re taken inside it, therefore much so that you actually thought up your really living, think of that for a second..

Here is a good analogy of what you’re facing, envision that you are a hamster and the only thing you know is operating on your little hamster wheel and one day you hear about that domain named quantum mechanics.

You become so interested in knowledge quantum aspects that you start working in your hamster wheel much more, wanting to somehow realize it.

Demonstrably there is a constant may understand quantum mechanics by operating on the hamster wheel, regardless of just how much you do it.

You will never experience enlightenment by contemplating it!

So cut the bullshit. That means stop performing endless study about it how to reach nirvana, end searching for clinical answers, and do not even accept what I say about religious enlightenment as truth, effectively until you wish to dispose of tens of thousands of hours wanting to become enlightened.

You are caught in your mind/thinking matrix and I’m here only here dropping you an item of paper that says, hi friend you’re in the matrix so aftermath the fuck up!

Just remember that the report is not reality because it is also in the matrix.

To be honest as you are caught in the matrix I need to somehow utilize the matrix to convince you that you are in the matrix.

I understand, it’s twisted.

Therefore How Do I Become Enlightened?
The quickest and most strong solution to achieving in enlightenment is using a mix of two various ways day-to-day, self-inquiry and awareness on the current moment.

These two techniques in my experience include the smallest amount of quantity of bullshit, they are really direct and to the point.

If you do take this severely and do the work everyday, you are certain to get enlightened within 2 to 4 years. It all depends in your conviction and how committed you are.

The objective of these strategies are the exact same, that will be for you really to have a primary experience of your correct character and that consciousness is all there’s, it has everything, and you’re it.


For this method you are going to sit in a couch, in a meditative like posture.

In order to do self-inquiry properly you are likely to need to be mentally alert. You will have to be tremendous aimed so generally do this exercise during the time you are most awake.

So don’t try this after meals or right before sleep as it will be hard for the mind to focus.

You will do this self-inquiry workout for 30-60 minutes therefore I would recommend setting a timer on your stopwatch.

When your timer is placed you’re prepared to begin.

You are able to do this together with your eyes start or shut, it does not matter. Do whatever helps the mind focus better.

Things you need to do is look strong inside your personal consciousness/awareness and try to green level in actual time what precisely isyou. Just what is that feeling you’re feeling and why does it produce you’re feeling like it’s who you are so concretely?